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Beaver Habitat Plantings and Riparian Restoration

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We offer beaver habitat plantings, BDA installations, and riparian restoration services to both public and private landholders. The goal is to establish and sustain essential beaver habitat that supports beaver population recovery and associated ecosystem benefits, including increased water storage, consistent streamflow, biodiversity, wildfire resilience, and more.

Typically a project includes planting willow and cottonwood sticks by the thousand, which grow roots and eventually start serving the function of riparian plants (creating shade, stabilizing soil, reducing floodwater velocity, etc.). Eventually, after 3-5 years of fencing protection, these plantings can serve to feed and sustain beavers too. Depending on the location and needs of the riparian area, plantings and hydrology can also be supplemented with beaver dam analog installation.

Because we harvest wild plant material and engage skilled volunteers, our projects are high impact and low cost. 

If you are a landholder interested in learning more about our projects and the benefits of beavers on the landscape, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss which habitat improvements suit your situation. 

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