Technical assistance for beaver conflicts and habitat: (541) 699-1606

Technical Assistance and Habitat Services

Providing Technical Assistance to Support Human-Beaver Coexistence

Beaver Works Oregon offers non-lethal options for cost-effective beaver management and more importantly – guidance and maintenance for the long haul. 

We will work with you to understand your needs, address your property management concerns on your terms, and offer free onsite consultations to plan out solutions.

We can perform installations to provide effective, long-term solutions to problems with beavers that allow you to experience the benefits of beaver activity on the landscape.

flow devices in lake

Got Bothersome Beavers?

  • Beaver dams flooding fields?
  • Culvert or POD plugging?
  • Removing trees?
  • Tampering with irrigation ponds or ditches?

We have solutions!

Flow Devices and Culvert Protection

Sometimes beaver activity can block the flow of waterways like creeks and culverts, impacting drainage and causing unwanted flooding. Luckily, flow devices are inexpensive and effective ways to maintain water flow while allowing beavers to continue damming and lodging activities.

We can install flow devices and culvert fencing to protect your infrastructure from beaver dam flooding in the most long-term, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, humane way.

Tree Protection

Beavers use the trees they cut down for food, as well as damming and lodging. They especially enjoy alder, aspen, apple, birch, cherry, cottonwood, poplar and willow trees.

We can help you protect trees on your property by installing tree fencing around single trees or tree stands, or by painting trees with sand paint. Both of these solutions provide physical barriers between beavers and your trees, which keeps them safe from being felled. Learn more about protecting your trees from beavers.

Contact us for advice, solutions, tools and techniques – practical, proven ways to protect your property.

Want beaver on your property?

Beaver Works also provides beaver-related habitat restoration to help encourage beavers to settle in desired areas. Beaver activity on waterways slows the movement of water, which creates habitat for native wildlife, increases resilience to wildfire, decreases the effects of drought, and helps limit erosion of stream banks.

Contact us for advice around:

  • Beaver behavior and biology – attracting dispersing beavers to settle and stay in your stream system
  • Where to prioritize instream work that can enhance beaver establishment
  • Food and vegetation preferences, varieties and amounts that beavers need for long term establishment and success
  • Beaver Dam Analogue (BDA) support and design for sediment aggradation and flood plain connectivity
  • Infrastructure adaptations (culvert protective fences, flow devices, tree fencing) for up and downstream neighbors concerned about beavers