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Looking for Beaver Trapping Services?

Our technical beaver support services are an effective, long term alternative to beaver trapping and extermination.

Problem Beavers

Trapping beavers, whether to exterminate or relocate them, is not an effective long-term solution to problems with beavers. In fact, removing beavers from your property can leave unoccupied beaver habitat open for new beavers to move in, which they will often do!

Instead, infrastructure adjustments are often less expensive, more effective long term, and allow for the benefits of beaver to the ecosystem while limiting the issues related to beaver activity on your land.

Learn more about co-existence solution options and why we don’t relocate beavers.

New Legal Implications of Beaver Trapping

HB 3464, which will be signed into law on January 1, 2024, removes the predatory animal designation from beavers in Oregon and encourages landholders to prioritize non-lethal solutions when dealing with beaver-related issues. The new law introduces permit requirements for landholders who wish to trap or remove beavers. Permits will be issued for specific cases where non-lethal methods have been exhausted or are impractical.

Learn more about HB 3464.

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We can perform one or many of our services for you – simultaneously preventing beaver damage in specified areas while promoting their success in others. Living successfully with beavers can allow you to reap their ecosystem benefits without worrying about damage to your property. Beaver trapping can seem like a quick and easy solution to problems with beavers, but we urge you to consider our services to develop long-term solutions that benefit you as well as local wildlife and the high desert as a whole.

If you would like our help with beaver-related issues, please give us a call at (541) 699-1606 or email us at [email protected].