Field Report 3: Beaver Scent Mound Update

Daily trips to the discovered scent marking mound discovered early November proved interesting- even if less beaver activity. The river rose over much of the mud markings.  However, the castoreum deposited seems to live on as the deer ducked many low branches to visit this tiny cove to sniff and sniff. One doe even added to the olfactory story. Check out the video here: Castoreum must be powerful to all who can smell it. To me, it’s like a dog-whistle that I can’t hear. But other animals seem to find it fast. And I do believe it lingers on things a good while as noted when a racoon and a porcupine excitedly crawled up a tree 200 feet above the river where I had placed a trail camera that was recently deployed at the beaver scent mound. You can see for yourself here:

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