beaver floating over water

Young Beaver Dispersing in Spring

Springtime beaver dispersal

It’s springtime, and beaver families are adjusting to the new year ahead. Some may be relocating to a second den area for safety as springtime waters expand and can flood out the primary lodge.  (Here’s a short story on PBS, of a beaver family relocation.)

Young adult beavers are striking out on their own, as its time to make room in the den for the arrival of new kits. Spring is a fraught time for these young beavers, often traveling for miles and weeks or even months until they can find suitable, unoccupied habitat and a mate of their own.

In eastern Oregon, where water and vegetation is scare, few make it. We admire those who do, for their resourcefulness and adaptability. Listen to a young beaver’s story of this journey (in Colorado), narrated in a delightful reading from a classic book about the west.

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